Sol Stoned Misson

We want to help you attune into your bodies highest state of being with vibrational medicine. Sol Stoned Jewelry incorporates your energy into our handmade and one of a kind necklaces, programming them with your dreams and desires.

Our love for nature eventually became our spiritual path. Do you remember the first time you gazed upon a crystal and were mesmerized by its sparkle? We gravitate towards certain stones , later on looking up their meaning ,and discover that it was just what we needed at that moment. Our intuition is a powerful tool that we all carry around inside ourselves. Sol Stoned crystals and gemstones help us tap into our inner wisdom.

When crystals and gemstones are directly place on the body, they align our bodies and attune them to achieve our highest state of being. We are aroused by the wonder of the Earth and embrace the power of crystal magic.  Our mission is to bring intent into the physical realm and state our purpose out loud to the universe. Crystals are just one more component to accessing the connection between ourselves and the universe, allowing us to make change in our lives, set intentions, spread positive and conciseness. When you see the perfect natural crystal, you see the wonder of the universe itself... Are you Sol Stoned?

Crystals are Vibrational medicine

We as human beings are made up of the same energize forces that make up the universe- the moon, the planets, the stars. We are all linked. Crystals are made up of the same elements we have in our own bodies, sot its only natural we use them as vibrational medicine.  Their frequencies help align our bodies and attune them to achieve our highest state of being. We are surrounded by powerful forms of medicince both inside the planet and on its surface. Using the two things together forms a beautiful combination of self healing.

Meet the Artist

Every piece of Sol Stoned Jewelry is hand made by Lily Bates. She collects and cleanses her selection of the finest crystals and weaves them into one of a kind necklaces and jewelry.The first time she laid eyes on a crystal was in a quaint hot yoga studio located in Rio Tavares, Florianópolis, Brazil. Lily lived abroad for a while after she graduated Florida State University.One day she noticed a yoga studio a few blocks down from the dirt road she lived on. Life changed forever the moment she stepped into those doors. Awaiting inside were aromas of burning incense, brewing tea with fresh lemon, sweaty ashtanga yoga sessions and transformation. It just so happened that this yoga studio was offering a Yoga teacher training course in a couple weeks. Lily extended her flight and stayed in Brazil longer to complete her first ever Yoga Teacher Training. During this monumental time of Lily’s life, she met a Brazilian friend that taught her macrame. They spent a lot of time together doing macrame on sea shells, tree branches and lots and lots of Brazilian gemstones. Making jewelry to decorate their bodies and amplify their style. While wearing their art, they were more relaxed to their rhythms of life. Soon they were sharing their macrame gemstone creations with with others. Lily’s visa eventually ran up and it was time for her to return home to America. She packed up here macrame supplies and the best Brazilian crystals she could find, anxious to share with her friends and family at home. Sol Stoned Jewelry was born in 2016.

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FAQ'S ( Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How do i order a custom sol Stone?

Customize a Sol Stone on our custom shop page. Learn about our stone selection and their powers. Once you submit your form, Lily will respond in 24 hours. Lily makes the customization process fun & easy. She is there every step of the way to create exactly what you want for your heart & soul. Once all the information is gathered and the order is placed, hang tight. When your custom Sol Stone is ready, we will send a secure purchase link thorough our Shop page. Here you will be able to see the EXACT stone you are getting.  

2. Do you have a store or location to pick it up?

We are located in Jupiter, Florida. We do not have a store front, but Lily would be more than happy to meet you locally.


Our pieces range from $45.00- $100.00, depending on the stone, wrap style and length .

4. How long does it take to make?

    All necklaces are made to order and take 2-3 weeks.

5. Can I pay by credit card?

    Yes, We accept all forms of credit card on our secure server.

6. Where do your stones come from?

Our semi precious gemstones come from Mother Earth, all continents & oceans. From the caves of the Dominican Republic, to the dirt of Arizona, to the cliffside in Brazil, and the caverns of Australia. 

7. Could I give you a few details and you could craft something beautiful for me based on that?

Absolutely! The wearer often provides me details on the reasoning behind wanting the crystal and we love guiding them to the right stone.

8. I have a personal stone that I would love to get wrapped in your finest threads, can you do this?

    Absolutely! It makes it even more special to create ☺

9. Can you choose the color that best brings out the stone?

We would be more than happy to help pick out the best color string for the stone of your choice. Is the jewelry waterproof? 

10. Can I wear it in the water?

Yes, all jewelry is 100% waterproof, will not rust or break!



Short: 30-32inches

Long: 35 inches

Extra Long: 40inches

12. How do you ship?

USPS priority mail.

13. Do you ship internationally?